The Selling Trifecta

The selling trifecta always wins - it's your
competitive A.C.E. up your sleeve.

There is a selling trifecta you know.

But first, just in case there's one reader who's
unfamiliar with the word trifecta.

In horse racing a bettor wins by selecting the
first three finishers of a race in the correct
order of finish.

There's also a show-business trifecta: a platinum
record, hit TV series, and an Oscar.

The selling trifecta isn't a bet, it's a winning

You can't win it - you have to do it. When you
do it, you'll start selling more today and everyday.

The selling trifecta is the winning combination of
attitude + confidence + enthusiasm.

Take these three keys on every sales call and the
doors of opportunity will automatically open for

Let's examine (A.C.E.) them one at time.

Attitude - in sales your attitude has everything
to do with everything.

To begin with, let's define the word attitude.
Simply stated, attitude is a state of mind. It's
what you feel and what you exude.

While you're busy sizing up your new sales prospects,
they are just as busy sizing up you and your attitude.

Your attitude is a reflection of your style and your
substance - and make no mistake you need both.

Your attitude affects your expectations. For example
you expect your next sales call to be a doozy. You
expect to get clobbered on your pricing.

And guess what - you're not disappointed - because
you do indeed get clobbered on your pricing.

But what if you began the sales call with a different

What if you expected the next sales to be the best
ever. You just oozed with this expectation. Do you
think I might see this on your face?

Do you think I might feel it in the room? Would I
see it in your eyes?

Your attitude might be invisible but it will surely
get you visible results.

Finally - always have an attitude of gratitude. Every
time someone helps you, please go out of your way to
show your appreciation.

Now let's talk about confidence.

Confidence comes from knowledge and power.

Taken from the dictionary, confidence is a firm belief
in one’s abilities. It's being self-confident. It's
being self-reliant.

Becoming more self-confident is like being a sculptor.
You're always chipping away at things that are blockers
to your confidence.

You probably don't know what you don't know - who does?
So you gotta keep learning and acquiring new skills. Your
age age doesn't make you inquisitive - your attitude does.

Examine which abilities you have that make you very

Then examine your weakest abilities. You can exercise
these and transform them into personal strengths.

Here are two sales tips you can use to project a high
level of self-confidence.

Put your chin in the up and locked position. That alone
projects that you're a very self confident person.

Always be smiling. When your chin is up and you're smiling
now you're projecting that you're a likeable and
self-confident person.

Never show your weaknesses in front of sales prospects and
customers. When a customer asks, "How's your business,"
simply say, "Better than I deserve."

During tough times, people are attracted to people who are
successful. Act as if it's your best year ever - and it
just might work out that way for you.

Confidence can be a fragile thing so avoid all negative
naysayers and all the pessimists in the world. Hang out
with successful and confident people because it's

You'll soon discover the quickest pathway to becoming more
confident is through preparation and practice.

Finally, the third element of the selling trifecta is

Why because it's show-time!

Think of every sales call as an opportunity to leap onto
a big stage, it’s show-time.

What a wonderful way to get excited about your sales
prospects and customers on each and every sales call.

Show up brimming with enthusiasm for your products and
services. Have a genuine smile that telegraphs to everyone
that you are there to solve their problems.

Remember - don't sell, SOLVE!

You should believe passionately that the world would be
a better place if all qualified prospects and customers
bought your products?

You must believe this if you expect your sales prospects
and customers to believe it.

Someone once asked me what enthusiasm looks like.

Well it's a bundle of energy. It's surrounded by passion.
It's very animated. It's happy. It's smiling constantly.
It's having an extremely positive attitude. It's loaded
with genuine excitement with what you're doing.

The selling trifecta is the winning combination of
attitude + confidence + enthusiasm.

Don't leave home without them, because it's your
competitive A.C.E. up your sleeve.

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