The Best Selling CDs
From Jim Meisenheimer

35 Ways To Differentiate Yourself
In A Very Competitive Market

This is one my most popular Selling CDs. In sales, our images are created by the things we do and what we say. Here's a sampling of the 35 ways you can do it all better:

Appearance matters, so does your attitude, how to sell using your eMail signature, how to get people to return your phone calls, how to develop a three punch system, how to even the playing field by using odd numbers, and how to put a price-tag on the value you add. Plus much more . . .


How To Avoid Sounding Pathetic
During A Sales Call

This Selling CD includes my 33 favorite pathetic phrases that, if you're in sales, you should avoid like the bubonic plague.

These commonly used phrases can make you sound pathetic during a sales call. I can't over emphasize how important language is to your selling success.

You know, you have to look good to make a good first impression. It’s not enough to look good, you also have to sound good.

What you say and how you say it will go a long way in differentiating you from the vast majority of mediocre salespeople that you're competing with.

The mediocrity crowd has but one entry requirement - you must talk a lot and shoot from the lip. Preparation always beats improvisation.

In sales, the less you say, the smarter you'll sound. This is a must have Selling CD for your personal library.


75 Little Things you can Do
To Grow Your Business
And Boost Your Income

How could you not want this Selling CD, "75 Little Things You Can Do to Grow Your Business and Boost Your Income."

First, a little background information. One of my friends just lost a big deal, $90,000 in commissions, because of a little thing, something he didn't do.

Well, that got me thinking. What are some of the little things you can do to be more proactive and to better your chances of making a sale?

I started writing these things down, and sure enough, I came up with a list of 75. These 75 little things will have a big and positive impact on your customers.

Selling is the easiest job in the world when you work hard at it. This CD will provide you with street-smart examples on how to KO your competition.


How To Sell Anything For List Price

This Selling CD will increase the profitability of your sales. I'm going to spill my guts on how to sell at higher margins.

This CD discusses:

  • your pricing mindset
  • your value value mindset
  • the three biggest pricing mistakes most salespeople make
  • the quickest and surest way to guarantee forever and throughout eternity that you will never sell anything at "List Price"
  • how to size up your customer/prospects problems
  • the quickest way to set up "High Value" solutions
  • how you can establish a genuine value for your products and services
  • how you think is everything, sales talk - what to say and what to avoid
  • how to deal with somebody who asks you "How much does this cost?"

Plus much more . . .


Closing The Sale

Look - this one is easy. If you're not closing all the sales you want and should be closing, this CD is a must for you because it will sharpen the skills you're currently using.

Closing is easiest part of selling - when you know the secret to doing it right. This Selling CD has it all for you.


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