Selling Countdown

What's your selling style? Do you employ a
selling countdown before every sales call?

Ready aim fire . . .

Ready fire aim . . .

Ready aim, aim, aim . . .

Are you ready to sell?

How do you know you're ready?

10 . . .

9 . . .

8 . . .

7 . . .

6 . . .

5 . . .

4 . . .

3 . . .

2 . . .

1 . . .


Imagine you're the pilot of the space shuttle.

Months of preparation . . .

Months of planning . . .

Months of training . . .

Your goal is nothing short of excellence - 100%
mission accomplished

Finally, launch day, anticipation and the final
countdown to the launch.

Ya know salespeople can learn a thing or two from
the Space Shuttle Program.

Too many salespeople show up unprepared for sales
calls to prospects and customers. It's an easy trap to
fall into. Too many voicemail's, too many e-mails, too
many distractions, and way too many interruptions.

Who in the sales world has time to prepare, plan, and train?

How much better would your selling results be if you had a final selling countdown before every sales call?

Your selling countdown is your system for getting ready for every sales call and could look like this:

(6-10 on done before the sales call)

10 . . . homework and research completed.

9 . . . written sales call objective.

8 . . . review and rehearse six open-ended sales

7 . . . review product features and benefits.

6 . . . rehearse how you'll ask for the next appointment.

(1-5 on done during the sales call)

5 . . . flip the switch - "Smile on!"

4 . . . attitude check - "Yes I can."

3 . . . establish rapport with a solid introduction.

2 . . . deliver your elevator speech.

1 . . . ask your questions.

How much better would your sales calls be, if you
had a selling countdown system and/or checklist
to keep you focused?

How would you feel - probably more confident!

How would your sales prospects perceive you -
extremely professional

How would this impact your sales - like the shuttle,
your sales would take off

Don't follow the herd if you want to achieve unlimited
selling success.

The herd is filled with mediocrity.

Become a raging bull!

Remember - the sky's your limit, not the sales
quota you're given.

You have the potential to become exceptional in
your business.

You get to choose between becoming exceptional
or having permanent potential!

Make every day a Masterpiece.

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Don't measure yourself by what you've accomplished,
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with your abilities.

John Wooden

Start selling more today and everyday . . .

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