Selling e-Books To Help You
Increase Your Sales
And Make More Money

Here are four best selling e-Books that will give you
the ultimate selling edge you need to compete in
today's marketplace.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes
New Salespeople Make
And How To Avoid Making Them


This Selling e-Book includes the 10 biggest mistakes most salespeople make and how to avoid making them.

Every sales professional, even the superstars, started out as a new sales representative.

It's no sin to be a new sales representative. But it can, if you're not careful, be a painful experience for you.

You don't have to spend months and even years in the penalty box, as you learn the ropes. In fact these ropes can hang you up needlessly.

You also don't have to take classes in the school of hard knocks. "Hard knocks." Does that sound like fun? Of course not, otherwise it would be called "Easy knocks."

The secret to shortening your learning curve is to avoid making the "10 Big mistakes" most new sales reps make.

And to make the best use of the sales tips and selling techniques included in this selling e-book.


Three Secrets To Making
More Money In Sales

There are a lot of ways to make more money in sales. But out of all the possibilities, I do think there are three secrets to making more money in your sales career.

You have to think right. You have to do right. And you have to measure right. In life, forget about sales, in life attitude is everything. And it's your attitude that counts the most.

Think right

You can't control another person’s attitude, but you can control yours. There's a fine line between positive and negative attitudes and one of the secrets to making more money in sales is knowing where that fine line is.

Do right

Actions follow thoughts. So once you start thinking right it's easier to start doing what's right. Doing the right things requires discipline. It means doing things that most salespeople, in the mediocrity brigade, avoid doing.

Measure right

You have to know your numbers. You might be searching for bliss, but you won't find it in ignorance, especially when you're trying to succeed in sales.
To measure right you have to measure everything. It's been said, "What gets measured, gets done." You would be wise to memorize that one.

This 34 page e-book is loaded with practical ideas and sales tips on how to achieve better selling results, which enables you to make more money.


Are you Complete To Compete

This Selling e-Book will increase the profitability of your sales. I'm going to spill my guts on how to sell at higher margins.

This e-book includes 10 mini-systems you can use to grow your business and multiply your income!

Here's what's included:

Are You The Complete Package?

The Art Of Selling With Words

Use These Systems And Selling Techniques To Start Selling More

  1. A System For Working New Leads
  2. A System For Making Appointments Using The Telephone
  3. A System For Qualifying Your Prospects
  4. A System For Quantifying Your Prospect's Pain
  5. A System For Presenting Your Products And Services
  6. A System For Dealing With The Price Objection
  7. A System For Preparing Proposals
  8. A System For Following-up
  9. A System For Securing The Commitment
  10. A System For Getting Referrals

Bonus Secrets To Success – A System For Achieving Success

Bonus - A System For Setting Goals

Simple Truths About Your Personal Success System

As soon as you start implementing these "Mini-systems" your business will take off!

You have my word on it!


No-Brainer Ways
To Beat Your Competition
At The Pricing Game

This Selling e-Book will increase the profitability of your sales. You don't have to discount your way into sales oblivion any more!

"If You Can Lick A Stamp, You Can Lick Your Competitive Pricing Problems." This digital selling e-book will show you:

>>> 35 ways to differentiate yourself - forget the Vanilla ice cream.

>>> How to sell anything for list price - I mean anything.

>>> How to close the sale - it's a piece of cake.

I personally guarantee this manual will help you increase your sales!

You'd better get your copy before your competitors do.


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