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Make You Complete To Compete

At Last… Explode Your Profits With ‘Mini-Sales Systems’ That Will Allow You To Outperform and Outsmart Even Your Most Vicious Competition… Guaranteed

At Last… Explode Your Profits With ‘Mini-Sales Systems’ That Will Allow You To Outperform and Outsmart Even Your Most Vicious Competition… Guaranteed!

Are You Ready To Quit Chasing New Business and Discover The Revolutionary Secrets That Will Allow You To Attract It Like Bees To Honey?

=>> Are you ready to achieve double-digit sales growth year after year?

=>> Are you ready to uncover the simple tips and techniques that can skyrocket your profits?

=>> Are you ready to begin outsmarting and outperforming your competition?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have to tell you that this might be the most important sales letter that you ever read.


Because I am going to share with you the most powerful sales training secrets that will allow you to START SELLING MORE TODAY!

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Hello, my name is Jim Meisenheimer and I've been teaching entrepreneurs and professional salespeople (just like you) the art of salesmanship for 20.5 years.

I started in sales years ago at the American Hospital Supply Corporation and I spent 13 years there experiencing it all… the good, the bad, and yes sometimes even the ugly.

During those 13 years I learned more about sales than most people will ever know and I held numerous positions, including sales representative, regional sales manager, marketing manager, director of marketing, vice president of sales, vice president of marketing, and eventually vice president of sales and marketing.

I eventually grew tired and weary of the corporate routine, so I resigned and launched Jim Meisenheimer, Inc. - my sales training company.

I have worked with 514 corporate clients and for the past 20.5 years I still managed to increase my sales and profits every year.

83.3% of my business is repeat business because my methods work and my sales training gets immediate results.

My life is really is my laboratory

I really have experienced it all. I’ve walked in your shoes and I understand the daily frustrations you face. But most importantly, I know that there is a better way.

I know what works because I HAD to learn what works to stay on top. And I know what doesn’t work because I’ve made plenty of mistakes (and I learned from them all).

I have to say that if you’re looking for new selling ideas, sales tips, and selling techniques then you have come to the right place.


Because I have developed a simple selling system that is easy to learn and even easier to use.

Are You Complete To Compete?

If you are really serious about taking your salesmenship to a whole new level…

If you are really serious about learning to outsmart and outperform your toughest competition…

If you are really serious about discovering the secrets to achieve double-digit sales growth year after year…

Then it’s time for you to let me teach you how to improve your selling results, how to get organized and how to overcome all the selling obstacles that you face.

My Mini Sales Systems
Allow You to Break-Down
Your Biggest Obstacles
and Overcome Them

I want you to take a second and think about all the little problems and obstacles that you face as a salesman.

You have to work the leads, you have to make the appointments, you have to deal with their objection to the price… the list goes on and on…

But what if I took all these little problems and broke them down into ‘mini-problems’? These problems don’t feel so overwhelming anymore, do they?

And what if I were to give you a list of ‘mini-solutions’ to fix these ‘mini-problems’? It would be a lot easier to tackle each issue head-on so that you could overcome any resistance and sell!

Well, that is exactly what I have done, and in my new e-book, “Are You Complete to Compete?” I give you the Mini Sales Systems that you need to outsmart and outperform your biggest competition.

Just take a look at the issues I am going to give you a proven and effective system for:

=>> Working New Leads

=>> Making Appointments

=>> Using The Telephone

=>> Qualifying Your Prospects

=>> Quantifying Your Prospect's Pain


=>> Presenting Your Products And Services

=>> Dealing With The Price Objection

=>> Preparing Proposals

=>> Following-up

=>> Securing The Commitment

=>> Getting Referrals

=>> Achieving Success

=>> Setting Goals

To succeed in the selling, you must adopt a "Simplicity works best" mindset. According to Leonardo Da Vinci, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." I believe he’s right.

With my Mini Sales Systems that I have outlined for you in new e-book, “Are You Complete to Compete?” you are going to get a simple and easy approach to overcoming your problems and skyrocketing your sales

Stop thinking ANYTHING is impossible and start imagining that you can do anything you want to do!

It’s just as simple as that because in life - you get what you expect. So always expect the best outcome in every selling situation - no exceptions!

It’s true – your attitude is everything, and in sales you get to choose your attitude!

What attitude are you going to choose?

Are you going to assume that you can’t make the change that you need to become a master seller and rake in the profits like a pro?

Or are you going to take action, identify your obstacles, discover the secrets to eliminate them and become the success that you deserve to be?

The choice is yours…

When You Order "Are You Complete To Compete" Today You Get 2 Special Bonuses

I want to reward you for deciding that you are ready to take control over your future, your career and your success and make the change that you need to outsmart and outperform your competition.

And that is why I am going to give you these 2 free bonuses, just for ordering today!

Bonus #1: Secrets to Success

You are going to get an additional Mini Sales System that will allow you to achieve the level of success that you deserve

Bonus #1: A System for Setting Goals
The key to achieving great things is to set goals! That is why I am going to give you this additional Mini Sales System that will allow you to quit flying by the seat of your pants and start working towards a better, more financially secure future.

The Opportunity To Eliminate Your Biggest Obstacles And Improve Your Selling Results… What Is That Worth To You?

What would you pay to have a world-renown sales expert give you a system that works like magic to help you make more sales and skyrocket your commissions?

Most people pay anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 to have the chance to get the tried and true, proven and effective sales training that turns amateur salesman into masters.

But you aren’t going to have to pay anywhere near that amount for my powerful and effective new e-book, “Are You Complete to Compete?”

In fact, I am only going to charge you $29.95 for this complete guide along with the Mini Sales Systems that will revolutionize the way you sell.

$29.95 is really just a drop in the bucket when you think about the boost that you are going to have in your commission checks, month after month… year after year…

But I know that you might still be a little skeptical, and that is completely understandable. In fact, that is why I have decided to offer you a guarantee that will put your mind at ease and eliminate all of your doubt.

My Iron-Clad, Risk-Free Guarantee

I am so confident and so sure that “Are You Complete to Compete” will work for you that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is!

If you order today you are not only are you going to get the 2 free bonuses, but you are also going to have 60 FULL DAYS to test out the systems, put them to into effect and to see – for yourself – just how much the Mini Sales Systems can change your sales approach, your commissions and your life.

I'm ready to order right now!

This is real-world information and I guarantee you will see real-world results. But if you don’t, or if you just simply aren’t 100% satisfied with any part of my eBook… all you have to do is let me know and I will instantly refund your money.

I want to take out all the risk, I want to cut out the worry and I want to help you become the sales pro you know you can be.

Are You Ready To Outsmart and Outsell
Any And All Your Competition?

I know it can be scary to think that in just a few short weeks from now you are going to start using a different approach that will land you more clients, more sales and bigger commissions.

But you must understand that your life WILL change. You will have an energized sales career, an edge that no one else has, a much larger income and you will have everything that you need to become a true sales pro.

So are you ready to get started? Are you ready to finally discover what it really takes to make your dreams a reality?

 Let's start selling more today and everyday . . .


Jim Meisenheimer


P.S. If you are ever going to get ahead then you MUST have a system in place to overcome any problem or obstacle. Let me break these issues down for you and give you the Mini Sales Systems that will allow you to defeat any problem and make any sell with ease.

P.P.S. When you take the time to address and eliminate everything that has been holding you back from your full potential then you have nowhere to go but up!

Are you ready to discover your full potential and collect the profits that go along with it?

Don’t Delay… Order “Are You Complete To Compete" Right Now!




Don't wait! It's time to become the complete selling package!

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