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Load up on selling tools to avoid making one of the biggest career mistakes a majority of entrepreneurs and all salespeople make. You see there's a big difference between sales experience and sales knowledge. It's possible to have 20 years of sales experience which can translate to one year repeated 20 times. Trust me, this doesn't make you competitive.

To stay competitive you must continue to acquire sales tips, sales techniques, and new and creative selling strategies. The easiest way to do this is to build a personal library and fill it with sales resources such as selling CD's, selling books, and selling e-books.

eBook Selling Tool for You

Selling Made Simple - The Six Keys To Selling Success

One of these keys could open some of the selling doors that have been closed to you.  What would this be worth to you?

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You see the problem for many professional salespeople and entrepreneurs is the lack of time. You get busy with busywork. You're juggling cell phones and e-mails. Your boss places demands on you, your customers do the same and your competitors drive you bananas. Having said this, you still need to find a way to make time to devour and digest the best selling tools on the market.

Sure managing your time is a challenge. That's no reason to ignore all the information, education, motivation, and inspiration available in the best selling tools.

To create a special diet of these learning tools here's my recommendation:

  • Buy and read one new selling book every month.
  • Buy and read one new selling e-book every month. Print the e-books on three-hole copy paper and keep it in a three ring binder for easy reference.
  • Buy and listen to one new selling CD every week.

Think of it this way. Imagine getting one good practical and usable sales idea from a CD you listened to or from a book you just read. Continue to imagine you're on sales call with a high potential prospect and suddenly this newly acquired idea flashes through your mind enabling you to make a good first impression and eventually allows you to close the deal.

Imagine this is a soon to be customer with an estimated sales volume of $500,000 per year. Let's do some simple math. Let's say this customer remains a customer, remains a very good customer for 20 years. Do the math, you could say the lifetime value of this customer is worth $10 million.

So in this scenario what value would you place on the idea you got from listening to a selling CD or reading a selling book?

I don't know about you, but I'd say - priceless!

Your selling success is guaranteed when you set aside quality time for brain snacking. The more you do it, the smarter you'll become.

These sales tools don't cost - actually they pay big dividends for you.

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