Start Selling More

You can start selling more today and everyday. That's the good news!

The bad news is you can't do what you've been doing and expect better results. Even Einstein thought this insane.

There are three fundamental things you can do to improve your selling results immediately.

First - you can start doing something. You can start doing something that you've been meaning to do and have been reluctant to do it.

For example you can set a goal to call four new sales prospects everyday. Do you have any idea the impact this would have on your selling results? I'll bet considerable!

Underneath your written goal prepare three action steps to help you achieve it. Do this everyday until you achieve it.

This isn't complicated stuff, but it is fundamental and essential to your selling success. Establish a goal and create action steps to achieve it. You will become unstoppable! You will become more focused, more determined, and eventually more successful because you'll start selling more.

Second - you can stop doing something. You probably, if you're like me, have a list that's a mile-long with all the things you should stop doing everyday.

Do you really need to text message while you're driving? Do you really need to check e-mails hourly? Do you really need to make sales calls without having prepared written sales call objectives? Do you really need to be late for appointments and meetings?

I think you get the picture here. Forget the laundry list approach. What's the one thing, if you stopped doing it, that would have a positive and significant impact on your selling results? Think about this and then think about not doing it anymore. It’s really a no-brainer!

Third - you can change something. You know of course that in sales little things mean everything. Having an attitude of gratitude will differentiate you from your competition.

Think about this for 17 seconds. Imagine that you sent either a hand written note or a greeting card every day to one of your sales prospects and or customers.

If you did this for 20 years it adds up to 5000 cards to your sales prospects and customers. If you sent two cards everyday it would add up to 10,000 cards. It would be 10,000 touches of goodwill.

It would spread your goodwill like a bonfire.

Sure, you're not doing this now and neither is your competition. Doing something like this would solidify your personal branding.

Do things nobody else is doing. Last weekend Bernadette, my wife, and I stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Tampa so we could see a show on Sunday afternoon. After we checked into the hotel with our luggage we decided to do a little shopping. Actually Bernadette decided we should do a little shopping.

Over the years I've stayed at hundreds of hotels. When we returned to our room we found a hand written note along with two good-sized chocolate chip cookies.

Since the reservation was in my name this is what the personal note said. "Dear Mr. Meisenheimer, You have been selected as my "Guest of the day" and I hope you enjoy your stay. Sincerely, Sandra Augustus - at your service."

You have to admit different, unexpected, and a very nice touch.

What are you doing that's a very nice touch for your sales prospects and customers?

Give it some thought if you want to Start Selling More!

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you’re doing that’s different!

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