Thanks for the Boost

by Sean
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)


Thank you so much for your insights.

Recently I have been working with our Sales Team of 30+ and I have noticed that even though they have all the tools necessary for the job, we had not yet taught them how to Master the Sales Process.

Over the last 6 Months I have provided them with the Framework of how to identify Opportunities, Question Techniques and when to use them, Building Repor & Trust.

I did notice a considerable improvement, but the sales were not yet matching the increased sales focus and enthusiasm. It's because we hadn;t yet showed them how to ask for the business and close the deal.

The timing of receiving your On Line Tutorial was perfect as I was able to work with the Teams,educate them on your techniques, over a couple of weeks, and prepare them for an upcoming National Conference - Where I brought it all together.

The feedback that I received was along the lines of a puzzle being solved. The pieces that had been provided over the last couple of months have now been pulled together to create a big, clear and amazing picture of opportunity.

So thanks again for your insights

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