The Competition Stinks

The competition stinks. Ask any great sales manager!

Exceptional sales managers are obsessed with doing whatever it takes to exceed sales prospect and customer expectations.

They don't dance around the same circles as the competition, because they are too busy creating new solutions to solve customer problems.

How would you like to have your salespeople gain the immediate attention of their sales prospects and customers?

You're probably wondering - "Now how can we do that?"

Well, it's easier than you think. Don't sell solutions - solve customer problems. In other words - don't sell, SOLVE!

Nothing gets the sales prospect or customer more agitated than the problems he's currently dealing with.

You see, your competitors all think the same way. They all play the "Sell what you've got game." Well, don't go there.

You'll rise and shine, staying focused on solving and fixing problems.

Nothing will make your sales team more appealing to their sales prospects or customers than their ability to solve problems.

And another thing - don't compete, create! Avoid the herd mentality.

Uncover problems and stir up your imagination and creativity.

I'm sure you'll agree, everybody has problems. The challenge for you and your sales team is to find out exactly what they are.

The competition stinks because they don't solve problems.

You'll shine in front of all sales prospects and customers when you stay focused on their problems.

Don't assume your salespeople know how to uncover customer problems.

You'd be wise to teach your salespeople this valuable skill.

Think about a one half day sales training program emphasizing problem-solving.

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