Time Management For Salespeople

Time management for salespeople is easier said than done. It has always been one of the biggest selling challenges that salespeople around the world have had to deal with. On a daily basis, salespeople have to deal with demanding customers, demanding sales managers, and an assortment of technology tools which is enough to overwhelm anyone.

Taking control of your time management and your life is something you probably think about often and seldom do anything about it. I'd like to share a few quick time tips to give you more control over your time and your life.

Time-management-for-salespeople should be a no-brainer, unfortunately it does take brains to have control over your time and your life. One of the most important things you can do to seize control of your selling environment is to prioritize. Always do what's important first. Most people have heard this before you ignore it completely in favor of reacting to what's urgent.

You can only do what's important first if you have a prioritized list of things to do and people to call. It sounds simple and it is. To prioritize your list just use numbers. Rank everything on your list from most important to least important. That's it! Oh, and by the way stick to your list by avoiding interruptions and distractions.

Here's another practical time tip you can use when you’re selling. If there's something you need to do, you only have four days to get it done. They are yesterday, today, tomorrow, and someday. You realize that "Today" is the only day that's guaranteed. It's the one day of the week that deserves your complete focus and attention. Don't squander today by putting something important off until tomorrow or even worse until someday.

If finished is better than perfect then starting is better than procrastination. Before you can cross the finish line you have to cross the starting line.

The next time management for salespeople tip involves fire drills or should I say how to avoid these fire drills. One of the biggest time wasters on the planet is caused by salespeople. Yup, that's right. Every time you ask a sales prospect or customer "How soon do you need it" you're creating a fire drill. And it's a fire, by gosh that you started.

Look, how do most people respond to the question, "How soon do you need it?" Stop and think for a minute. Are you likely to hear "I need it yesterday, ASAP, right away, immediately, today if possible, as soon as you can get it here." Now why would anyone in their right mind ask a question that provokes these responses? I wouldn't and neither should you!

Another time-management-for-salespeople tip is to slow things down in order to speed things up. Let me explain. The key here is to compartmentalize similar tasks. For example set aside time to make your telephone calls. Set aside time to deal with your e-mail. Set aside time to work on your sales proposals. Set aside time to read. Set aside time to plan. You'll find, when you compartmentalize similar tasks, you'll get through them more quickly.

When you think about it, you really can't manage your time. There are 86,400 seconds in every day. This is a given. Time management is really more about self management.

Shakespeare may have been onto something when he said, “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day” it’s your time and it’s limited – so use it wisely.

Need help in the self-management department?

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