Ultimate Time Management Tip

The ultimate time management tip for salespeople deals with the downtime associated with waiting time.

If you're selling today, it means a good chunk of your time is spent waiting. You wait for customers, managers, callbacks, and planes. Here are eight creative ways to use your waiting time more effectively.

1. Call your extended family. Your call will likely make their day and possibly yours too.

2. Read a sales article about time management tips from your reading file. Put all the sales articles and business articles you'd like to read in manila folder labeled Reading File. Make sure it’s loaded with good sales articles.

3. Using a composition notebook jot down your selling ideas for pending projects. Use your notebook to periodically record "things that work" during your sales calls. Keep your notebook in your briefcase. It’s not a diary – consider it a journal for your ideas.

4. Use waiting time to review and prioritize your daily "To Do List" adding and deleting wherever appropriate. Remember to always do what's most important first.

5. Send handwritten thank you notes, to your customers, using a fountain pen. Always carry a supply of note cards and stamps. Get in the habit of sending handwritten notes to your customers ever day. Sending notes to your sales prospects will always put a smile on their faces.

6. Expand your network. Use waiting time to call leads, referrals, and anyone else, who can expand your business network.

7. Take advantage of your waiting time to listen to www.TheGreatCourses.com, your favorite music, read a poem, read Scripture, read a chapter from an unfinished book or take some time just to meditate.

8. Mentally rehearse what you're planning to do on your next sales call. Imagine your success before you experience it.

The next time you’re waiting for someone or waiting for a delayed flight, consider your options. Waiting time doesn't have to be downtime.

Turning your waiting time into productive time - is the ultimate time management tip.

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