Sometimes I just want to scream.

I go ballistic when somebody sets an appointment and
shows up late.

It happened again last week.

We hired a young man to do some painting for us.

It's not a big job, doesn't require a lot of talent,
and we thought of this person because he's currently

Everyday we asked him "What time will you be here
tomorrow?" The first three days he was late and I was
furious. He told Bernadette, my wife, he would show up
at 8:30 AM the next morning. In fact, he showed up
at 10:30 AM.

When he shows up, he gives me his "Alibi Ike" story -
all the reasons why he was late. How could he ever
be on time, when he's not even wearing a watch -
I wondered.

So without resorting to my in-your-face NYC style, I
pointed out to him I was disappointed in his inability
to show up on time.

I asked him "What time can you be here tomorrow?" He
said, "9:30 AM." Then I said - "Okay," and added, "If
you're one minute late you're fired."

The next morning 9:30 AM comes and goes. At 10:15 AM
he calls and tells Bernadette the reason he's late is
because he had to stop at Home Depot - to pick up

Lucky for him, Bernadette answered the phone. So for
the next two days, Bernadette simply told him to show
up whenever he could.

I understand that not everybody is like me. I like to
be on time; in fact I like to be early to avoid being

Here's a big sales tip for all entrepreneurs and
professional salespeople. You have to earn the
designation "trustworthiness" from your sales
prospects and customers.

The word "trustworthiness" means "worthy of trust." It
means "dependable." It means "reliable."

It means you "mean what you say" and "say what you mean."

It's not always possible to be on time - I realize that.
But I recommend, even if you're going to be only five
minutes late, call your sales prospect / customer and
tell him you're going to be five minutes late.

Cell phones make this a no-brainer for you.

It shows you respect their time.

It shows you care!

It shows you're dependable!

It shows you're reliable!

We are in a recession, and little things can make a big
difference when choosing a product and/or a supplier.

Always try to be early. If you can't be on time - always
call! Doing this will differentiate you from most of
your competitors.

Today is Monday and two pool technicians are late for
a 9:30 AM appointment they scheduled with us.

It makes me want to scream.

It pays to be on time, and it pays even more to be
perceived as trustworthy.

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Favorite Quote

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty
heads and empty hearts can do that.

Norman Vincent Peale

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