Quick Up Selling Tips

Making a sale is great, but Up Selling to a larger sale is even better.

The more you can add to a purchase the happier your customer will be and you’ll also benefit with better selling results.

Here are several easy ways to up sell your customers.

Whatever you’re selling, have a display of accessories/attachments that are related to the purchase. You want the display to be close enough to the main product so that you can easily walk your new customer over to show him what other things he should consider.

If you happen to be an outside sales person and not working from a showroom you can do this easily with product literature or a demonstration from your website.

I realize you probably don't sell digital cameras. But I'd like to use cameras as an example of how Up Selling works. Imagine that your sales prospect comes into your store looking to buy a digital camera.

His only intention is to buy the camera and nothing else - at least that's what he believes. As you walk your sales prospect over to the cameras, be sure to ask a few qualifying questions to show your interest and to assess his needs.

Ask how he plans to use the camera. Let’s say that he tells you he is taking a two-week trip to Egypt to see the great Pyramids.

Once you have helped him select the right camera, you can try selling add-on accessories/attachments using the knowledge you’ve gained from asking your sales questions.

Since it sounds like a once in a life-time trip - his pictures will also be once in a lifetime. You can recommend getting a second battery and also a battery charger.
Wouldn’t it be the worst luck to have the battery run out just as he was getting to photograph the pyramids?

You can also suggest a polarizing filter to protect the lens.

The benefit of using this lens is that it will cut down on brightness of the sun and help protect the camera’s lens from sandstorms and breakage. Also suggest buying a large memory card to store all the images he’ll take in Egypt.

Another possibility is a camera case. The camera might even come with a standard case, but the one you’re suggesting is large enough to hold all the add-on accessories!

Here’s an action plan for you. Make a list of all the big ticket items you sell. Develop a second list of all the possible accessories/attachments you can suggest to Up Sell your sales prospects and customers.

It won’t take long because you already know your products like the back of your hand. Challenge yourself to come up with at least five possible add-ons.

Once you have this list, create an incentive with a new special price to offer your customer when he buys the big ticket item along with the five bundled items.

Make it very attractive to buy the bundle you’re recommending. Chances are the customer will appreciate all the benefits and especially the cost benefit of the bundle and will likely purchase what you're recommending, giving you an Up Sell.

Make sure that you point out the advantages and benefits of each accessory/attachment you’re recommending to your sales prospect.

Another quick example if you're selling laptops, you can suggest that your buyer consider adding a laptop lock to protect his investment. It's also a perfect time to recommend antivirus software programs, a wireless mouse, and other practical accessories and programs.

Chances are he’ll end up buying these items anyway, so why not buy them from you.

The best way to remember how to up sell is to go to a McDonalds Restaurant and order a ¼ pound hamburger. When the server asks, “Would you like fries with that?” that’s a perfect attempt at Up Selling.

And what’s the probability you’ll say yes?

Prepare and practice these selling skills because it’s one of the best ways to increase your sales – especially during these tough economic times.

The more you practice, the better you’ll sound when talking with your sales prospects.

When you Up Sell it’s a win for your customers and it’s also a win for you. It doesn’t get any better!

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