Using Compliments To
Make People Feel Good

This is a story about using compliments.

A few years ago I spent three days in St. Louis attending the
National Speakers Association Winter Workshop. I arrived late
Friday afternoon and my luggage arrived late Sunday afternoon.

Had that happened to me 15 years ago I would have gone "Ballistic" for the entire weekend. I must be growing up because I treated the "Entire luggage thing" as an inconvenience – and a minor one at that.

During one of the breakout sessions a speaker emphasized it was
very important to tell people what they are doing right.

Using compliments will make people more receptive to you
and your ideas.

I thought it was a good concept and made a written note of it.

The next day I took a seat in the last row to hear the opening
general session. A few minutes into the presentation a woman sat down next to me and introduced herself as K.R.

After the initial introduction she said, “I've been using your
12 Best Questions To Ask Customers” for several years with
extremely good results."

WOW, she was using compliments first thing in the morning! I told her, "That makes my day."

Usually, after a program, I'm "Outa there." This time, however,
I stayed to chat with K.R. She told me about the work she's
doing and the book she was writing.

She also told me she was related to Albert Einstein, which she
has cleverly worked into the title of her first book.

When I go to these National Speaker Association workshops and
conventions I usually find myself running like a gazelle between
the breakout sessions.

The compliment got me to "Simmer Down" and take an interest in
K.R.'s business.

Anytime you have the opportunity, try using compliments, with your sales prospects and existing customers. If your compliment is sincere and genuine your sales prospect may be more receptive and open to investing more time with you and your ideas.

A few minutes before the next session began, we shook hands and
said "Goodbye."

I realized I wasn't touched by an Angel but I was touched by
an Einstein.

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